The mosquito season has started, and due to the high temperatures, we all keep the doors and windows open, so if there is no safety net on them, we will become victims of mosquitoes.

If you’ve noticed that these “bloodsuckers” usually visit you, it’s not because you have “sweet blood,” as they used to say, but it’s something else.
Biologist Bart Nolls explains that mosquitoes are attracted to human breath. The carbon dioxide we exhale, in combination with various chemicals, creates an odor that mosquitoes can smell up to 30 meters away.

The biologist claims that each person releases over 300 different chemicals from the skin, and as many as 100 of them are in the breath. The mosquito female includes all her senses to decide whether to bite or bypass someone.

Another important factor on the basis of which mosquitoes decide whether to suck someone’s blood is the smell of the skin. For example, yellow and tiger mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acid, while the common mosquito is more prone to fatty acid.

It is believed that people who eat garlic and take vitamin B reject mosquitoes, but biologist Nolls says there is not enough evidence for that.

Meanwhile, Japanese scientists, believe the blood type is crucial for mosquitoes. So, people with blood type 0 they like twice as much as, for example, those with blood type B or AB. People with blood type A are less likely to be attacked.


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