Everyone loves bananas. The healthy and delicious tropical fruit is a favorite of millions. Bananas are usually eaten raw, but they can also be used in tasty desserts.

Additionally, they’re full of essential nutrients and have amazing benefits for our health. To be honest, they’re a bit short of the perfect fruit.

But, what if you could eat a banana which tastes like vanilla ice cream? No, we’re not talking about a dessert.

Surprisingly, there’s a type of banana called Blue Java banana that tastes exactly like this. Even better, the fruit has the consistency of vanilla ice cream and smells just like it.

As you can guess from the name, the Blue Java banana has a blue shell when it’s not ripe, which will later turn to pale yellow with white flesh. Of course, it shares all the health benefits with its bright yellow cousin.

Where Can You Find It?

The Blue Java banana is called differently in Fiji, Central America, and the Philippines – Hawaiian banana, krie, and cerizo are just some of the examples. The tree produces unusual blue bananas that are plump and sweet. Primarily grown in South Asia, the Blue Java banana can survive in harsh environments which is not the case with regular bananas.

Its nutrient profile says that the fruit is rich in potassium and other minerals, as well as almost 0.3 gr. per piece, almost 23 gr. of carbs and 89 calories. The fruit can be enjoyed raw or cooked, while its leaves work great as an aluminum foil substitute. Growing the Blue Java banana outside of South Asia can be done if you’re willing to try.

You’ll need to find an area with plenty of sunlight and rain and you’ll also need a lot of space – the tree grows up to 20 feet. For fertilizer, it is generally recommended to use an NPK fertilizer in 3:1:6 ratio. You can expect fruit in 9 months if you did everything right.

The cool thing about the Blue Java bananas palm is that it bears plenty of fruits. Enjoy the delicious ice cream taste and all the benefits of this unusual fruit.


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