Although it is a longing for many, falling in love brings multiple risks that affect physical and mental health. 

If you want to fight romantic love and stay alert and aware of all its possible dangers, we share the scenarios that you could face according to Interprotection. (Not suitable for Valentine’s lovers): 

  • Stress cardiomyopathy: Also known as: broken heart syndrome, occurs due to intense and unexpected tension derived, for example, from the loss of a family member or a love penalty.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: According to studies, people who just fall in love begin to suffer symptoms of this disorder as a compulsion to wash their hands or the need to always be aware of their partner. 
  • Excess adrenaline in the bloodstream: At the time of a breakup, the blood has 3 times the amount of adrenaline that someone who suffers a heart attack.
  • Physical stress: A break can cause an increase in the level of stress-related hormones. The heart muscle suffers and weakens to the point where the left ventricle acquires a conical shape.
  • Weight loss: Just as when falling in love the body generates changes in the way of food intake, love losses can cause loss of appetite and automatically weight loss. 

But do not be discouraged, everything in life is a risk and falling in love is the most positive of them, because if it is carried in the right way, it shows the best practices of emotional expression, whether it is trust, hope, Delivery and sincerity. 

The more complete and complete the person with whom you interact, the healthier the relationship will be. As Sean Mackey explains in a study he conducted at the Stanford University Medical Center, when people are in the most passionate love phase there are significant changes in their mood that impact specifically on areas of the brain that drugs use to reduce pain


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