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Dementia: 5 early warning signs of dementia

Mild forgetfulness is normal among people of all age groups. We all have days when we cannot find our wallet or car...

How can we encourage our girls to open up about abuse and stand strong

It was highly inspiring yet appalling to watch US gymnast Simone Biles testify about the abuse she endured all these years. She...

How to Be Independent in a Relationship

To many, being independent in a relationship is sort of an oxy moron. How is it possible to maintain independence when you...

What is the best kind of meditation for a beginner?

It’s a misconception that the only way to meditate is to sit quietly in a corner with your eyes closed and chant...

5 Ways to Stay in Shape Even When You’re Busy

For many of us, staying in shape was easy at one point in our life. However, everyone has a time in their...

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