Autumn tastes like a cocktail with gin and apple – it will fix even the worst day

Do you have a bad day, a bad week, a bad year? If you find yourself in one or all three categories, we have a drink that will alleviate the effects of stress.

This fall it tastes like apples – and gin! The perfect combination of two simple flavors combined in a drink that will become your favorite:

Ingredients needed:

– 120 ml gin
– 120 ml apple cider
– 30 ml of lime juice
– 60 ml diluted honey with water (1/4 cup honey + 1 cup boiling water)
– A pinch of cinnamon

To decorate:

Thyme twigs
Cinnamon sticks
1 fresh apple, cut into thin slices

Method of preparation:

1. Make the diluted syrup with honey. Put the listed amounts of honey and hot water in a jar and mix with the lid closed until the honey melts.

2. Mix the gin, apple cider, lime juice, honey syrup and cinnamon in an ice shaker. Stir the shaker until the drink is cold from the ice.

3. Fill 2 cocktail glasses and add the chopped thin slices of fresh apple. Garnish with thyme sprigs and cinnamon sticks.


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